Consulting Services

Developing and implementing innovative real estate solutions that are customized to our clients is one of Spencer’s primary strengths.

Real estate is commonly the largest expense after payroll, giving it the potential to become one of the most powerful factors driving the achievement of overarching goals. Spencer will position every lease, building, contract, and asset to directly support high level strategies.

  • High level strategic analysis

  • Strategic performance assessment

  • Current and future state assessment

  • Gap analysis

  • Current and potential real estate position

  • Issues and opportunities recommendations

  • Policy and procedure development

  • Standards development

  • Strategy implementation

“Spencer’s knowledgeable and strategic approach to our real estate position was invaluable in the decision making process and gives us the ability to establish financial stability in the short term while building flexibility for us in the long term.

Dr. Husni R. Khayal, Premier Health